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iMoveMO Initiative

iMovemo InitiativeWinning the State of Missouri to Christ in our current economic and cultural context requires the planting of new churches on a scale that has never been seen or undertaken before.

Currently new churches are being planted at a rate never seen before, yet even with that increase the church has been unable to keep up with the concurrent increase in population.

The imovemo initiative is an attempt to mobilize individuals in a cooperative effort  to provide the necessary funding (in small manageable increments) for the planting of the next generation of new churches in Missouri.


You’re partnership with M.O.V.E. through the iMOVEMO initiative is an investment…

…in planting churches. Gifts to MOVE provide the operating capital that allows our organization to plant churches in the various unreached/under-reacted areas with the State of Missouri.

…in changing lives. When churches are planted people who previously have had no encounter with the saving message of Jesus Christ are given the opportunity to come to know Him is their Lord and Savior and enter into a personal relationship with Him, a relationship that transforms life!  imovemo Questions and Answers

…in transforming communities. As goes the people, so goes the community in which they reside. As people come to know Christ and He transforms their personal lives, the life of the community in which they reside will be changed for the better. Our relationship with God impacts our relationship with our fellow man. A healthy relationship with God leads to a healthy relationship with those around us.

…in glorifying God. As we carry out our mission, the ultimate goal that we have is that in all that we do, and in all that we say we give all glory and honor to God who sent His only Son to die for us that we may have eternal life through Him!

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Here at M.O.V.E. we seek to act as a catalyst in the planting of new churches, striving to bring clarity, and understanding to the world of new church evangelism, to share it with a passion enabling focus, one that brings life change and community transformation though the message of Jesus Christ.

It’s our vision to bring a state-wide perspective on new church evangelism. This is why we exist; this is why we do what we do! If you’re interested in being involved in a new church plant or would like more information on church planting please contact us.