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Church Planting in Missouri is a Team Effort, it must be if we are to be successful in our endeavors!

The KEY in reaching the State of Missouri is 100% involvement.

To plant a new Church is an expensive proposition

On average a ground up new church plant will have between $50,000 and $60,000 in start-up costs

This is a work that requires a great investment, but on such investment, the returns are immeasurable;

for how can we place a price tag on salvation?

Move is asking for your help… Get involved by being…

checkboxChurch Planting Prayer Warriors

Who believe in the power of prayer, believing that our God is not only a prayer hearing God, but a prayer answering God!

Who believe that God moves mountains and that prayer moves God, believing that in our actions we fight not for victory but from victory!

Who are committed to seeing this and subsequent generation come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, believing that when we plant, others will water, and ultimately God will bring the growth.

checkboxChurch Planting Team Members

Who aren’t afraid to take risks, believing that God has called them to be Church planters, and that He will provide for them if they step out in faith!

Who embrace the church, believing that Church plantings the most effective way of reaching the world for Christ.

Who desire to see the Kingdom Grow, and who are willing to go down into the trenches themselves, not satisfied to let someone else do it for them.

checkboxChurch Planting Churches.

Who get outside of themselves, not focusing all their energy on their own existence, but willing to boldly step out to reach other areas for Christ.

Who have a strong sense of mission, believing God has called them to be redemptive agents in our lost and dead world.

Who are willing to sacrifice for the Kingdom, and are willing to commit significant resources (finances & families) in order to bring people to the Lord.

checkboxChurch Planting Partners.

Who are willing to give of themselves for the cause of Christ, today there are a multitude of ministries seeking your support.

We seek to impact not only people’s present lives, but their futures as well, and WE NEED YOUR HELP to do so.

You may give via the USPS


PO Box 104594 Jefferson City, MO 65110

Or take part in the “imovemoInitiative,a campaign designed to fund the next generation of new Churches here in Missouri.

More information on the “imovemo” Initiative can be accessed by clicking here.

iMovemo Initiative

If you have any questions please contact  jerry@movechurchplanters.org