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Acting as a catalyst in the planting of new churches

Here at M.O.V.E. we seek to act as a catalyst in the planting of new churches, striving to bring clarity, and understanding to the world of new church evangelism, to share it with a passion enabling focus, one that brings life change and community transformation though the message of Jesus Christ.

It’s our vision to bring a state-wide perspective on new church evangelism. This is why we exist; this is why we do what we do! If you’re interested in being involved in a new church plant or would like more information on church planting please contact us.

Our latest project Mile City Christian Church

We are so blessed to announce the launch of in Dexter, MO.

For more than a year, we’ve been working on planting Christian churches in the boot heel of Missouri (315,000 people with just 9 Christian Churches).

Poplar Bluff, Dexter and Sikeston are all in need, and we selected Dexter as the first of the three.

Bringing on board the right church planter took time, but patience has paid off. Darin Kleeman and wife Rachel traveled from Columbus, Ohio to Dexter and fell in love with the challenge and adventure of reaching the lost in Stoddard County. In the spring, they packed up and moved their 6 children to Dexter, quickly feeling at home and working to become part of the community.

Alongside this gifted preacher, we brought in Derek Bishop from Indianapolis, Indiana. Derek brings a passion for ministry and a God-given talent in music that will bless all. Derek and wife Julie have 4 great kids. So we already have 10 in our youth group!

Our venue, Petal Stone Plaza, is located directly across the highway from Walmart. Volunteers from the area and across the state poured in to help make the changes required. What a blessing!


2051 S Silver Dr, Fulton, MO 65251