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Restoration Christian Church

Rogersville, MO

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M.O.V.E. welcomes…

The Kleeman Family

Darin Kleeman is the lead planter on our newest effort in Dexter, MO. He is a dynamic preacher who is completely in love with Jesus Christ. He believes everyone should have the opportunity to know the gospel message and is eager to use his 23 years of ministry experience to spread the Word in southeast Missouri.

Rachel is the perfect complement to Darin’s ministry, fully participating in the work of the church while raising their six children. With a worshipful heart, Rachel uses her skills on the keyboard to lift up praises to our God.


Here at M.O.V.E. we seek to act as a catalyst in the planting of new churches, striving to bring clarity, and understanding to the world of new church evangelism, to share it with a passion enabling focus, one that brings life change and community transformation though the message of Jesus Christ.

It’s our vision to bring a state-wide perspective on new church evangelism. This is why we exist; this is why we do what we do! If you’re interested in being involved in a new church plant or would like more information on church planting please contact us.